Hemorrhoid Banding

Why is a banding done?

Your physician will place a tiny rubber band around the internal hemorrhoid to cut off its blood supply. The hemorrhoid then shrinks and falls off within a day or so, usually without you noticing, and that’s it. Once the hemorrhoid is gone so are you symptoms.


What preparation is required?

No preparation is required for a hemorrhoid banding/


What about my current medications?

Please discontinue blood thinners, Plavix, NSAIDs for 5 days before your procedure. Please discuss with your prescribing provider for approval to discontinue these drugs.


What can be expected during a banding?

You will have a rectal exam followed by an anoscopy. Your physician is able to look for anal fissures, hemorrhoids, ulcers etc. The band is then placed in the rectum. You may feel a pressure like sensation.


What happens after the banding?

You may feel a foreign body sensation in your rectum. You may be prescribed an ointment or crème to apply in your rectal area. You need several sessions to minimize the risk of complications and severe pains.


What are the possible complications of a banding?

The CRH O’Regan System™ is a simple, painless, and highly effective procedure (99.1%) that can be performed in less than a minute.